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I've just posted the core mechanic of the rune tracer, so please check that out, if you don't mind, I'd love the help! Also, could someone post a link to the class tables code, and maybe explain how to actually understand them?
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One quick bit of help for entries in general: there are pre-formatted tables available in this thread linked in the Notable Threads sticky for a variety of editions. Homebrewery.com and GMBinder.com also both have auto-generating class tables and a number of markup formatting options designed to mimic the PHB.

The following links are the posts which contain preformatted tables for 5th Ed. specifically:

One Feature Column, Special Column after features

Two Special Columns, Three Special Columns, Full Caster (Prepared)

Full Caster (Spells Known), Half Caster (Prepared)

Half Caster(Spells Known), Pact Magic, 1/3rd caster spell table (for subclasses)
For these tables, they should be mostly prefilled with level, proficiency, ASI, etc. (plus spell slots if this was any other contest).

The way these tables are set up is to be printed by rows. So you'll see a few sets of tags: TR represents a new row while /TR represents the end of a row. Likewise TD represents a new cell (of Data), and /TD the end of a cell. So each row should be set up something like this:

(TD) Cell 1.1 (/TD)
(TD) Cell 1.2 (/TD)
(TD) Cell 1.3 (/TD)

(With square brackets instead of parentheses) Which reads across as:

Cell 1.1 | Cell 1.2 | Cell 1.3

On top of that the whole table is wrapped in TABLE tags, with some parameters. There are guides around for the parameters but these tables already have them filled in to look nice.

I can do a better summary and examples when I'm back at my proper keyboard, but hopefully this helps get you started.