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Gloomhaven is possibly my favorite board game ever. And the digital version looks a lot better than I expected when I first heard about it. But I'm still probably not playing though. Getting people around a table is half the fun.

That's really group-dependent. We've never had someone prioritize himself over the group, and our fights over coin and treasure have been of the "You take it - No, you take it" variant.

Though the one thing we've house ruled has been the interaction between Advantage and Rolling Modifiers. The way it works normally is stupid.
I played it for about two hours today. Three times it crashed (well it determined it had made an error and threw me back to the main menu, telling me it was doing it) because it couldn't calculate an enemy attack correctly.
When I leveled up I could not change my deck. I reported it and then played Fallout 4 for the rest of the day. Will continue tomorrow.