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Name: naknak the bedshe...
Race:undead or cursed w/invisibility kobold*
Class:spook, distraction, sorcerer? Your free to choose
*Looks like it's a kobold under/shaped a bedsheet with two holes where eyes should be
Since you left the class to me, I allude that he's a sorcerer (easiest thing with Kobolds; Dragonblood somewhere in their bloodline).
Since this one seems less serious, I tried to write it with a funny bit of tone and humor!
Hopefully that comes across!
As always I look forward to any feedback you might have! (Or anyone reading this, has!)
“You realize I can see you right?” Naknak’s brother, TicTok said, raising an eyebrow.

Naknak sighed. “I was certain I got it right that time!”

The Kobold stared at each other as their mother entered the room. “You’re trying that invisibility nonsense still, Naknak?”

“Yes mother,” Naknak sighed, knowing she would scorn him again.

“One of these days you’re going to figure it out and you know what’s going to happen?” she asked, tapping her foot on the cold, cavern floor.

“I will become the greatest shaman in all the land!” Naknak jumped up and down excited that his mother seemed to finally believe in him.

“No,” she said firmly, “you’re going to get stuck like that because you’re not going to know how to undo it!”

“Nonsense, mother,” Naknak laughed. “Turning visible is the easiest part. Turning invisible is the hard part.”

“Where do you get these crazy ideas from, boy?” their mother asked. “Is it those fish brained Kuo-toa? Because you know not a single one of them is remotely sane!”

“No,” Naknak confessed. “I know to stay away from them. You’ve told me that too many times to count.”

“Then where?” his mother asked pressing the issue.

“From the Illithid,” Naknak shrugged.

“The Illithid? Son, what is wrong with you! I tell you to leave the fish for brains alone so you go to the squid-face-brain eating people?” His mother waved herself with a rag, as if she was about to faint.

“I don’t talk to them,” he assured her. “One of their shamans – she has a hole in the back of her hut that is perfect eye level for me. So I can see inside her hut and watch her casting spells. I’ve been practicing her words and her gestures, but still haven’t gotten it mastered.” Naknak always felt different; his darker blue skin hinted that perhaps somewhere in his bloodline there was Blue Dragon blood and that perhaps was the cause for his insatiable hunger for magic.

The next night, Naknak snuck through the caverns, passed the Kuo-toa, into the small vent that led to where the Illithid had set up a small base of operations. He snuck to the backside of the Illithid Mage as he had always done; but this time he did not wait to watch her cast and practice spells. This time, he sat patiently eating on a slug-sandwich that his mother had packed for him (she was unaware he was going back to the Illithid encampment) and waited until he no longer heard her voice. Once he no longer heard the Illithid he peeked through the hole and saw that she was not in her hut.

Using a bush for cover that he’d ripped out of the ground, Naknak slowly moved his way towards the entrance of the hut before quickly running in, grabbing the ancient spell book tome, and running behind the bush again, which he used as cover to return back to the vent.

As he climbed into the vent he heard an alarm ring behind him. She’d returned to her hut and found her spell book gone. He peered behind him for only a split second and saw Illithid racing around the camp looking for an intruder. Naknak smiled to himself. The Illithid eat brains, he told himself, absorbing everyone’s knowledge and here he was, outwitting the second most intelligent (second to dragons, naturally) creatures in the entire world.

Naknak hid away in his room reading as much of the tome as he could; most of it seemed to be written in common with notes scribbled all over in what was undoubtedly Illithid tongue. More than likely this Illithid had acquired it from a human who had – and yes, on page twelve, blood all over – so yes, probably acquired it from a human wizard trying to cast some last minute spell to save themselves and failed miserably.

Naknak figured he’d focus on one of the earlier spells. He read it over and over, repeatedly without making the gestures, just so he would know the words; next came the gestures, without the words. And finally, two weeks after stealing the book, Naknak felt he was ready.

“Abin tunar shalak defawn tumar,” he began to speak the words and weave his hands intricately, when suddenly Tictok kicked down the door.

“What are you doing?” he shouted.

This had alarmed Naknak who was at the end of the spell, but changed the gesture of his hands, to spin around and face his brother who startled him and then felt a tingling sensation.

His brother, Tictok dropped his bag and his eyes went wide.

“Mother, I think Naknak just teleported away!” he screamed running out of the room.

“Nonsense! I am right here!” Naknak chased after his brother and passed a mirror and did not see himself reflected. “Oh my,” he whispered.

For weeks he tried to reverse the spell with his mother, frequently pointing in the wrong direction, yelling at him that she had told him he was going to be stuck like that. Naknak knew at this point that he was going to need some additional help undoing what he’d done. In the meantime his mother used a sheet and cut out the eyes so everyone could see where he was… as well as he could see where he was, because he was also invisible to himself!