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Yeah, I'm rereading it and its basically just "what if the Jovians were 80% of humanity and the god AI shut itself down for no reason long ago?" and even then, it still has Apotheosis, which is slowly replaces the the mind with nano-software over a long period of time. only some people may do it, but it still provokes a lot of ship of theseus questions and the settings equivalent to Bioconservatives, the Purists constantly repeating a mantra of "you're not you" to the transhumans. and the way its set up with a utopian cyberpunk prison at the hands of neo-corporations call Houses and the transhumans being this edgy freedom-loving guys hanging out outside society really implies that your supposed to be one of the rebellious transhumans trying overthrow HPA and lead others to a more transhuman society anyways.

like sure Nova Praxis has more blank space in how you want transhumanity to develop in Nova Praxis, I'd argue that the freedom to influence transhumantiy's develop exists in Eclipse Phase as well. like being realistic, changing humanity or transhumanity for the better is probably going to involve the same kind of activities, while going off to do your own thing is simply getting enough people and rep to agree and walking through a gate to found a colony on some distant world in either setting, its just that in Eclipse Phase your more likely to get people who agree with something weird and transhuman.

and over all, Eclipse Phase does the politics better by not making it so monolithic and solely determined by these jerkhole corporations that are also the government. because in Nova Praxis, you are either in the Coalition or your out, this company or that company, but Eclipse Phase has more variance on single planets than Nova Praxis in its entire setting, and if your Outer System in EP, that can mean a lot of things aside from not liking the Inner System, you could be an Ultimate, an Anarchist, a Titanian, Scum, Extropian, a criminal, all sorts of things that don't agree with each other, while Inner system has different viewpoints and people depending on whether your on Mars, Venus or Luna and even smaller groups amid those. Eclipse Phase just maps everything better and more believably, it acknowledges that the issue of transhumanity is more complex than just two sides and their extremes.

its also really weird that Nova Praxis is the more held back setting, even though their AI has no indication of being horrible or hostile and shut itself down after giving humanity all the tech. you'd think that would be an indication that AIs aren't as dangerous as Purists would think, but apparently Purists don't care and think Mimir going to sleep is scary or something and that their grey goo earth catastrophe in that setting being caused by human failing, not by god-AI maliciousness, is somehow an indication to keep themselves ignorant and "pure" rather than y'know, figuring things out and make sure you can properly use this tech rather than fearing it mindlessly. at least the Jovians have a big apocalyptic reason they can point to that makes their fear and evil believable.
One thing Nova Praxis does is flesh out and add some depth to the Purist/Bioconservative philosophy. Medical technology is advancing faster than humans age in Nova Praxis, so being against apotheosis (getting a cortical stack) is not consigning yourself to death and requires much less extreme beliefs to make that decision. Nearly all purist hold the belief that a person dies during apotheosis. Not all or even most Purist hate transhumans. Just because they think that person died and was replaced does not mean that they hate the new person.

Making advance AI is banned for several reasons, but the strongest would be the House of mainly SIM (purely digital) citizens. Sapient AI would throw their own humanity into question and most didn't freely choose to be SIMs but we're driven into that choice to escape a dieing planet. A planet that died after grey goo designed by a super AI didn't work as intended. See the Super AI created and left vast data filled with such technology as to make all existing technology vastly obsolete. Imagine if we had 3D printers that could make all our current technology and more 3D printers and then we gave that printer to Stone Age people with instructions written in their cave glyphs. That's the situation in Nova Praxis. Sure the super duper AI didn't kill everyone, only something it designed and told people how to use killed Earth. Not just the purist fear more AI like it.

The Nova Praxis setting is more tightly defined than what EP has going on and is set more during the melting pot stage. Most people who enjoy EP would interpret Nova Praxis as the setting where you fight against the HPA (the human preservation act) and tear down the corporation control. Other people may go the complete different way. Nova Praxis goes more out of the way to create shades of grey. Sure the corporations are oppressive by definition, but they also let the poorest citizen enjoy an abundant lifestyle free from death with higher standards of living than anyone alive today in their socialist reputation based economies. Meanwhile EP hypercorps tend to be cartoonishly evil which shows that the author attributes the wrongs of modern corporations to well thought out malice rather than the actual bureaucratic incompetency and the human ability to believe whoever is telling them what they want to hear.