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Oh, I'm sure. A lot of people I know are enough like that - they know whether specific comments that they might make (or actions that they might want to take) would be appropriate in certain situations. I know people who'd love the complements, or would make jokes about it themselves. There are others to whom... yeah, probably best not to bring up stuff like that.

Again, it's obsession to the point of it being an issue to other people - especially if one's disregarding their wishes - that's where it becomes a bad.

(Me, personally... it's just the kind of conversation that I don't really involve myself in. I have my opinion, but I had it drilled into me as a child that that's the kind of stuff you should never really talk about. And, well... old habits die hard.)
*Offers internet hugs*

Feel free to not take them (I can imagine you might not be the most touchy-feely, even digitally), I won't be offended.

But you should always feel free to speak your mind! Obviously one should be tactful and not just flaff bad words about, but you don't need to hide yourself.