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I mean, I discovered recently upon visiting friends that, no, I don't mind receiving things like hair strokes and cuddles... the issue is just more (again, childhood*) the drilling into me of "no, you don't touch anyone, ever, without their permission." So, even now, like... I have issues so much as tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention. So, my issues are specifically with giving the touchy-feely stuff.

(I am just a very awkward person in general. But, yes, very awkward specifically when anything remotely intimate - emotional or physical (and, no, not specifically in that way) - has the possibility to come up.)

*I got the whole package of "no touching, no swearing, always be polite, hold the door open for people, no pushing, please and thank you, wait your turn for everything, no dating until you're at least 16, etc." that I'm sure all parents wanted. And, yeah, child me basically ingrained them on my soul. Which... has, yes, caused issues at times. In retrospect, that whole 'no dating' thing caused me to basically push away some people who could have became friends. So, whoops.
I getcha. And you know, there's nothing wrong with how you are-it's unfortunate you lost people who could've been good friends, but not being a touchy-feely person isn't a bad thing, it's just a thing.

My parents REALLY ingrained the whole "Please and thank yous, hold doors, no pushing" general courtesy thing into me, but I honestly appreciate that they did that. It means I've grown into a polite person, and I'm happy about that!