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*I got the whole package of "no touching, no swearing, always be polite, hold the door open for people, no pushing, please and thank you, wait your turn for everything, no dating until you're at least 16, etc." that I'm sure all parents wanted. And, yeah, child me basically ingrained them on my soul. Which... has, yes, caused issues at times. In retrospect, that whole 'no dating' thing caused me to basically push away some people who could have became friends. So, whoops.
I'm personally of the opinion that parents wanting their children to not date before they cross some magical boundry of grownupness is one of those cultural prudishnesses we as a society would be better off without.

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See, that's another fault I have. Taking things too often at face value, and not reading textual tone. (It's why I tend to use far more emoji/smilies than I really should, compared to everyone else. Because I always fear being misunderstood as not joking/light of tone when that's my intention. ...of course, then my English courses kick in, and are all "don't you dare end two back-to-back lines with the same one!")
Wait, your English courses taught you emoji usage?

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Dang, this thread got to page two real fast.
"Back in my day, no one thought the thread moved fast unless there was a third thread overnight!"
(Yeah, no, I wasn't actually around back when they went through a full thread in one day, but waking up to multiple new pages was a regular occurrence.)

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Won't help. Everyone knows Ninjas get less effective the more there are of them.
Then you should obviously bring in more past yous instead. The sheer dilution of ninjutsu would probably be enough to make them evaporate into thin air. It's be as if you never brought them here in the first place oh wait...

Speaking of ingrained childhood lessons, I can't eat salad served together with a main course before I finished the first portion of said main course.

To explain, I really like fresh vegetables, and child me could easily eat himself full on salad alone, which isn't really optimal for a growing child (and would make me hungry and sad well before the next meal). To deal with this, my parents forbade me to take any salad before I'd finished my first portion, and that stuck with me so hard that I still don't touch the salad until I've finished the rest of my plate.