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I have another request for you!!
This is an old character of mine, whom I would like to refurbish for a future campaign. Let's see what you can come up with:

Name: Alcot Del Thressal (male)
Race: Half-elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Noble
Class: Sorcerer - Dragonborn (Brass Dragon/Fire)
Age: 20ish

Background: Born out of wedlock to a human aristocratic father and nouveau-riche (upper middle class) elf mother. He was the father's favorite, even over his legitimate siblings. To secure a position among nobility the father arranges a marriage for Alcot, but Alcot refuses to go along with it and runs away from home.

Why did he refuse? Was he in love with someone else? Did he fear for his safety from his step-mother? Did he feel dissatisfied with his noble duties? Did he want to earn his place in nobility through heroic deeds, and not through marriage? I don't know, you tell me!
I enjoyed writing this and seeing just why Alcot would run away from a wealthy family...
Almost instantly Alcot began telling me his story and how it all played out...
I simply transcribed his words!
Hopefully it's to your liking!
As always I look forward to feedback! What you liked, loved and hated!
What worked and what didn't work!
Until then - enjoy!
Her name was Mealladh and with her bouncing blond curls, thin, frail figure, and alluring green eyes, she had swayed my father from a marriage he had been loyal to all of his life. For Mealladh, she was interested in my father, because of how passionate he had spoken during one of the Council meetings. If her kind – other elves – had known she had lain with a human, they would be furious, because Mealladh came from a well off family who would be shamed by her impulsive action.

For my father, a human named Saol Del Thressal, Mealladh represented a youthful hunger for passion that had died out in his wife, Ceansa Del Thressal. Mealladh knew that it would be one night, brief, quick, fast, furious and passionate; the way humans lived their lives compared to Elves who lingered on every decision.

Something Mealladh had not considered however is that one passionate night would be all that it took to become pregnant. Mealladh quickly married another Elf of wealth and importance and slept with him to make it appear that it had been him who had gotten her pregnant. But she knew when it came to deliver the child the truth would be revealed. But Mealladh was an intelligent woman. Just before the birth, she booked a travel and during the second stop, near a lake she’d gone for a walk. She created a scene that appeared a struggle took place and once that was done, she screamed for help but immediately fled deeper into the woods. When they arrived it had appeared she’d been taken, but she knew how to lose them in the woods.

While on the road, fleeing from her own kind, Mealladh buckled and went into labor. Several travelers found her and assisted her with the childbirth. She named me “Alcot” meaning ‘born of passion’ in the ancient Slyvan tongue. She tracked down my father and waited until he was alone, walking back from one of his political debates. She whispered his name and he immediately recognized her voice and ran to meet her in the alley. He had thought of her often and the night of passion they shared; and for the briefest of moments he thought that he would have that again tonight. What he was not ready for was to have me thrust in his arms, and Mealladh saying that he must take care of me. She immediately turned and left my father standing there, stunned, infant in his arms as he watched Mealladh run away.

He returned home with me and told his loving wife that he had found me, abandoned near one of the Churches. He introduced me to his wife Ceansa and recalled Mealladh whispering, “He is our son. His name is Alcot” and introduced me as such.

I never knew Ceansa was not my mother, for many, many years. She raised me as if I had been born from her. When I turned ten, she took notice to something. My half-elven features were far more noticeable and I began to bear a striking resemblance to Saol, my father. This had made Ceansa begin to question her husband and led to a series of endless fights between them. Saol finally confessed his adultery and surprisingly Ceansa took it calmly, once he confirmed it. For her, it was not that he had cheated on her, but rather that he lied to her. She understood that she was older now, no longer to bare children, though having six with him. She knew that taking care of six children had worn her down and made her less passionate in the bedroom. She was remarkably understanding.

Even after learning the truth, she never treated me differently. By the age of thirteen I could feel the magic coursing through my blood. I had believed this might have been because of my Elven mother, but my father explained to me that it should not have made me ‘magically aware’ just because my mother was Elven. My father believed that somewhere in his own, or perhaps his mother’s bloodline, some form of ancient magic bloodline had been introduced and was now making itself known in me.

Ceansa was concerned as I grew older and spent time with others outside the family, that some may take notice to my ears which were pointed like an Elf’s, but hidden under my long locks of hair. My father agreed and began looking for suitable women to arrange a marriage to. By the age of twenty, a very beautiful human named Móra Cíoch was introduced to me. I enjoyed Móra’s company quite a bit. She was beautiful, with ample breasts, wide hips, and lips so thick that they were irresistible to kiss.

But the idea of marriage and settling down was not one I was interested in. Not yet anyway. But I could never find the time or courage to tell my father or mother.

So I did the next best thing. I ran away.

The night before the wedding I crept out my window and fled. I wanted to find my real mother, Mealladh, whom my father had finally told me about when I was sixteen years old and learn more about my family from her side… and see if she knew about this ancient bloodline that allowed me to manipulate magic so easily.