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Never stop never stopping is a lot of things. It's predominantly a reference to NIER which is one of my favorite games.

Primarly it's just a really hard, deep way of saying "nothing ever stops". To overexplain it; stopping is a thing that things do. "never stopping" is how it feels like life goes sometimes. SAying "life never stops never stopping" is an admission that this feeling of "they will not let me off the ride" will never stop happening.

Nothing stops. Nothing ever stops.
Ah, alright, gotcha. Makes sense. I've heard good things about that game (including from when you Tasted it and then proceeded to, like, beat the whole thing before upload, IIRC ), but never actually played it.

It still feels like it needs a comma in there, though. "Life never stops, never stopping."

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Tsk tsk. Couldn't have used "consecutive" the second time?
Those were two entirely separate posts!
(Mostly because the first wasn't onscreen for me to compare wording to, and for me to catch the similarities as I scan over proofreading.)