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    Default Re: SZbNAhL's Similarly Sibilant (if unpronouncable) Random Banter #223

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    People too snooty for the first three radios?

    Picked a random adjective there, let's see how accurate it was.
    Closer to 'too in possession of zimmer frames'.

    Quote Originally Posted by JNAProductions View Post
    Isn't it usually the dudes who are obsessed with the globes of chest-fat? Not that I'm one to talk-one of my good friends is a crazily chest-obsessed lesbian. :P
    To be fair, most of my friends are female and bisexual.

    Also, I'm certain it's 'Zub-gnarl'. The s is clearly silent.

    Annoyingly, the more likely I am to want to hug somebody the more likely they are to respect my boundaries and not. Being autistic doesn't automatically mean I don't have a need for physical affection!
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