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    This post will be used to work on my character sheet and background information. Please note, until I say otherwise, everything on this is a work in progress.

    Spoiler: Character Sheet (in Progress)
    Name: Deck
    Concept: Hardboiled Detective
    Clan: Nosferatu Bane: Repulsive Flaw -2
    Generation: 12-13?
    Predator: Sandman
    Ambition: To become a valuable institution within the Camarilla.
    Desire: Break the beautiful girl (Touchstone 1) up from her abuse boyfriend.

    Health: 5
    Willpower 5
    Humanity 7

    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3
    Stamina: 2

    Charisma: 1
    Manipulation: 3
    Composure: 2

    Intelligence: 2
    Wits: 3
    Resolve: 3

    Brawl 1
    Larceny 2
    Stealth (Break In) 3
    Animal Ken 2
    Insight (Detect Motives) 2
    Streetwise 3
    Awareness 3
    Investigation 4

    Obfuscate 2
    Animalism 1
    Auspex 1

    Advantages: 7 points
    Resources 1 (1 dot from Sandman)
    Contact (Corrupt Cop) 2
    Allies (Tabloid writer) 1
    Haven (Sewer Crypt) 1
    Mask (The burned PI) 2
    Status Camarilla 1
    Wauneka 3

    Repulsive Flaw -2
    Creepy Haven -1
    Prey Exclusion -1 (Children)

    1. I always come out on top
    2. I am loyal to those loyal to me

    1. The beautiful girl: Sure she would have been half his age when he was a mortal, but this girl represents everything Deck wished he was and never will be. She is beautiful, innocent and kind. But she doesn't know how to stand up for herself, so Deck will help her come out on top too.
    2. Officer Jameson: He's gone out of his way to help Deck close a number of cases. Sure he's getting on in years, and is maybe more of a liability in the field these days than he is a help, but that doesn't mean Deck won't try to still help him out.

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