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    Quote Originally Posted by ve4grm View Post
    You're not perfectly versed in the job in one week? No ****!! Nobody would be, regardless of previous training. If you came there from a different company with 10 years experience you'd still need at least a week to get up to speed since every company works differently.
    I agree with everything ve4grm says, but this paragraph summarizes it perfectly.

    From my own experience (one apprenticeship and 2 years of practical training after university) I can tell you that sometimes even different departments in the same company building work differently, depending on things like work ethic, motivation, skills and personal life.

    I might also add that many people VASTLY under- / overestimate what a beginner should be capable of. Some of them just seem to forget how they started and how difficult it is to learn many things at once (because, you know, they have been doing it for years and don't have to think about it anymore... "obviously" you must be a complete moron because you can't do the same thing right now).

    Also, helping a newbie is always more work for the beginning. That's a fact, simple as that. In Germany we have a saying along the lines of "Give me an apprentice who only triples my work, and I will kiss your feet."

    Everything but polite and constructive criticism is not warranted!
    I've been there. Trust me.

    Also, this might be inspirational:

    Quote Originally Posted by FinnLassie View Post
    No advice please, but I just want to say that I am. So. Tired. Tired of narcissism. Tired of trying to converse with a narcissist. Exhausted trying to not make the narcissist berserk forcing me to cut ties. Absolutely enraged that the narcissist uses my nephews as weapons to gain power. So. Damn. Tired.
    No advice, just a mental hug.
    I've been drained by people's behaviour before, it is just... painfully numb I guess.
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