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Seven Worlds is another sci-fi RPG, one which (I think) does not involve the resleeving and so no Cortical Stack/Ship of Theseus issue. However, it is a Savage Worlds book, so might not be something you'd want to run.

Other than that, I'd just recommend running something else. Some players clearly have strong views against the particular game, and it would be a bad idea to try to push that sort of game onto them. Some players would similarly have strong views or problems with a wide variety of other topics that could show up in a RPG, and telling them that "tough, we're playing that sort of game anyways" is not a good way to go about it. Perhaps you could make a group with just the three, but it sounds like you'd prefer to keep the group of six together.

From what I remember, you can invest points into your body but this isn't normally how it's done. It's like investing EXP into a hideout in World of Darkness. Sure, you could do that, but if it gets destroyed those points are gone. Most EXP in Eclipse Phase is used to improve general character stats or get new character abilities. They can be invested into the body, but most people wouldn't do so just due to how frequently you'd be body-hopping for travel.
EHhhh i don't really wanna run savage worlds and cortical stacks are one of the best bits.
Indeed keep the full group together is the idea and finding a balance between the ideals will be the solution.
I mean its ok to invest heavily in a body if you know most of the campaign will let you keep it.

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One thing Nova Praxis does is flesh out and add some depth to the Purist/Bioconservative philosophy. Medical technology is advancing faster than humans age in Nova Praxis, so being against apotheosis (getting a cortical stack) is not consigning yourself to death and requires much less extreme beliefs to make that decision. Nearly all purist hold the belief that a person dies during apotheosis. Not all or even most Purist hate transhumans. Just because they think that person died and was replaced does not mean that they hate the new person.

Making advance AI is banned for several reasons, but the strongest would be the House of mainly SIM (purely digital) citizens. Sapient AI would throw their own humanity into question and most didn't freely choose to be SIMs but we're driven into that choice to escape a dieing planet. A planet that died after grey goo designed by a super AI didn't work as intended. See the Super AI created and left vast data filled with such technology as to make all existing technology vastly obsolete. Imagine if we had 3D printers that could make all our current technology and more 3D printers and then we gave that printer to Stone Age people with instructions written in their cave glyphs. That's the situation in Nova Praxis. Sure the super duper AI didn't kill everyone, only something it designed and told people how to use killed Earth. Not just the purist fear more AI like it.

The Nova Praxis setting is more tightly defined than what EP has going on and is set more during the melting pot stage. Most people who enjoy EP would interpret Nova Praxis as the setting where you fight against the HPA (the human preservation act) and tear down the corporation control. Other people may go the complete different way. Nova Praxis goes more out of the way to create shades of grey. Sure the corporations are oppressive by definition, but they also let the poorest citizen enjoy an abundant lifestyle free from death with higher standards of living than anyone alive today in their socialist reputation based economies. Meanwhile EP hypercorps tend to be cartoonishly evil which shows that the author attributes the wrongs of modern corporations to well thought out malice rather than the actual bureaucratic incompetency and the human ability to believe whoever is telling them what they want to hear.
I mean the BioCon viewpoint is just wrong so making 80% of humanity agreeing with that sounds awful.
Heck its just a really lame transhumanism where your not getting awesome body mods.

The AI thing sounds incredibly dumb and boring its just oops did we do that.

Tightly defined does not mean good and i would say from what i have read and others have noted its tightly defined in that there are so few differing view points its easy to go into detail.
And yeah the fact it is pretentious and called the HPA. No thanks i don't want a 'What Ever Happened To Monday' situation.... god that movie was awful
I mean no that is just not true the reason hypercorps are evil is because not only incompetency on the bureaucratic level but the intent for earning dollar over the bottom line its a huge part of what goes into making it the way it is... you know like how real life corporations are super evil but its not malicious its them being scummy cutting the bottom line