Upon finishing the song, Gunnar seems rejoiced. But, when he notices all the people that gathered around, paying attention to him and Jeremy, he suddenly turns self-conscious. Silencing, he immediately slips back to the rear of the group and lets the crowd's eyes turn solely to the bard, who seems more at ease with this kind of attention.

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the old man looks both Thelia and Sarah ahh.. such young voices he smiles revealing to be toothless we have ships, if you need a passage to other shores of the river there is no problem you will have passage, if you need a passage upstream of the river I am afraid we cannot afford to dispatch a fishing boat for you, unfortunately, we rely on the fishing boats to gather foods, last the flood damages all of ours nets, hooks lines and crab traps he says lowering his eyes, his voice tremble.

Raziel is listening carefully the old man speaking Indeed elder one he says looking around.
Upon hearing the old man's answer, Gunnar asks - "Is there anyone else around here that could provide a ship apart from the fishermen? We indeed need to go upstream." - He looks around - "Barring that, we would need a guide to the woods that follow the river, if there's such services around."

Muttering to the group - "Or else you'll be all subject to whichever tidbits of knowledge I was able to grasp from the naturalist's book that I read in Fireshear..."