Speaking of Arthur, I actually quite enjoyed Million Arthur. It's dumb fun with a great cast, and served as a great way to sooth me from Your Lie in April.

Fire Force so far has been pretty forgettable. I like Maki, but it seems like she's done nothing the past couple episodes. Given it's 24 episodes, plus I've heard even more beyond that, I can understand it moving slowly. But I do not get the hype.

O Maidens has not gripped me as well as it has others. Each week I go to a new episode having completely forgotten everything that had happened, which is bad given all the different relationships it jumps around to.

Lost in Space and Cop Craft have both been interesting, taking sort of generic western tropes and making it anime. Both doing well with it so far.

Story-wise, Hensuki has been about as annoying as it could be. But the English cast has been making it much funnier than it probably would otherwise be. Cliford Chapin is brilliant.

Everything else has been rather boring. Black Clover has ramped up the hype recently though. Only two episodes into DanMachi so far, but I'm not digging this season's arc so far.