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    Spoiler: Charactersheet

    Spoiler: Base Info

    Name: Jackson 'Jackie' La Rosa
    Concept: Modern Casino-Running Kindred Godfather.
    Ambition: Be officially recognized as an Elysium Owner.
    Active Desire: Deeper Involvement With Kindred Society.
    Predator Type: Scene Queen (King?)
    Sire: Richard Laucos (Grand Childe of Kevin Jackson)
    Clan: Ventrue.
    Generation: 12th Generation.

    Health: [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [] [] [] [] []
    Willpower: [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [] [] [] []
    Humanity: [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] [] [] []

    Hunger: [] [] [] [] []

    Total Experience: 0
    Spent Experience: 0

    Spoiler: Attributes

    Dexterity: ••
    Stamina: ••

    Charisma: ••••
    Manipulate: •••
    Composure: •••

    Intelligence: ••
    Wits: ••
    Resolve: •••

    Spoiler: Skills

    Craft ():
    Firearms: ••

    Animal Ken:
    Etiquette (Gambling Scene): •••
    Intimidation: ••
    Leadership: •••
    Performance (Public Speaking):
    Persuasion: ••
    Streetwise: ••

    Academics (Architecture): •••
    Finance (Money Laundering): ••
    Science (Mathematics):

    Spoiler: Disciplines

    Spoiler: Dominate - ••

    1st Power: Cloud Memory
    By uttering the phrase “Forget!” the user can make the Dominated victim forget the current moment as well as the last few minutes, enough to mask a superficial feeding or a chance meeting. No new memories are formed and if pressed the victim realizes they have a few minutes missing.
    Cost: Free.
    Dice Pools: Charisma + Dominate vs Wits + Resolve.
    System: No roll is required against an unprepared mortal victim. Clouding the memory of a resisting victim or another vampire requires a Charisma + Dominate vs Wits + Resolve roll.
    Duration: Indefinitely.

    2nd Power: Mesmerize
    The vampire can issue complex commands to a victim, as long as they have the subject’s gaze and relative quiet in which to issue instructions. The instructions must be carried out immediately to the victim’s best ability, and must not contain any conditional actions (“...if you see Henry, give him the document”), as this would require the victim to exercise cognition.
    Cost: One Rouse Check.
    Dice Pools: Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve.
    System: No roll is required against an unprepared mortal victim. Commanding a resisting victim or another vampire requires a contest of Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve. Commands that go against the victim’s nature also require such a contest.
    Duration: Until the command is carried out or the scene ends, whichever comes first.

    Spoiler: Fortitude - n/a

    1st Power:

    Spoiler: Presence - ••

    1st Power: Awe
    Anyone in the presence of the vampire finds their attention inexplicably drawn to them. Those listening to the vampire speak might suddenly agree on subjects where they once held different viewpoints. While this power doesn’t cause rapt infatuation, it is still strong enough to sway the minds of most mortals.
    Cost: Free
    Dice Pools: Manipulation + Presence vs Composure + Intelligence.
    System: Add the Presence rating to any Skill roll involving Persuasion or Performance as well as to other Charisma-related rolls, at the Storyteller’s discretion. Anyone aware that they’re being affected can try to resist with a contest of Composure + Intelligence vs the user’s Manipulation + Presence. On a win, the target can resist the effects for one scene; a critical win makes the target immune for the entire night. Once the power wears off, victims revert to their previous opinions.
    Duration: One scene or until intentionally ended.

    2nd Power: Lingering Kiss
    The Kiss of a vampire induces near-ecstasy in mortals, but this power leaves other Kisses in the dust. Mortals fed upon by the user become addicted to the Kiss, obsessing over it and even seeking the vampire out for repeated feedings. Mortals often become anemic, self-harm, or even die from this addiction, but vampires find it a useful power for cultivating a herd.
    Cost: Free
    System: The vampire can choose to use this power or not during each feeding. The user adds dice equal to their Presence to any subsequent Charisma Attribute-assisted pool against the bitten subject. A mortal fed upon with this power can make a Willpower test (Difficulty equals the user’s Presence) every week to resist the effects. Winning this test for three consecutive weeks breaks the effect, as does a single critical win.
    Duration: Until successfully resisted.

    Spoiler: Tenants, Touchstones and Other Anchors

    Spoiler: Chronicle Tenants

    Spoiler: Convictions & Touchstones

    Conviction: Harm Not The Uninvolved.
    Jackie prefers to avoid causing harm to those that are not involved in his business dealings, or the family and friends of those that ARE involved with his dealings. First of all, it tends to cause massive issues later down the line, for example by blackmailing with the harm of a person's loved ones, they would most likely end up holding massive grudges. Or you might just make more enemies, which is equally problematic.

    Touchstone: Cathrine Beauville
    Cathrine Beauville runs a local soup kitchen from the homeless and hungry. She and Jackie is on a... um, very 'cool' but agreeable business relation. He sends regular supporting payments to the soup kitchen, feeling a small bit of altruistic affirmation from doing so. And Cathrine is a nice person and Jackie likes to help support her idea of feeding the homeless (not only because it keeps them more healthy and valid for Kindred feeding).


    Conviction: Loyalty Is To Be Rewarded.
    To show loyalty is the highest of respects one can give someone else. It is something that's almost bound to Jackie's blood, both from being a Ventrue, but also from the fact that loyalty has been a major focus for Jackie's sire, his sire's sire, etc.

    Touchstone: Laurence T. Wilkins
    Laurence is the head manager of the Casino Floor of Jackie's Casino. He is almost like a butler, and has shown a great level of Loyalty towards Jackie and the whole Casino itself. Laurence is also a retainer of Jackie's sire and has been lend out for Jackie to make use of.


    Spoiler: Clan Bane

    The Ventrue are in possession of rarefied palates. When a Ventrue drinks blood from any mortal outside their preference, a profound exertion of will is required or the blood taken surges back up as scarlet vomit. Preferences range greatly, from Ventrue who can only feed from genuine brunettes, individuals of Swiss descent, or homosexuals, to others who can only feed from soldiers, mortals who suffer from PTSD, or methamphetamine users. With a Resolve + Awareness test (Difficulty 4 or more) your character can sense if a mortal possesses the blood they require.
    If you want your character to feed from anything but their preferred victim, you must spend Willpower points equal to the character’s Bane Severity.
    Victims Of Choice: Gamblers - The Mortal must have a craving enjoyment of gambling. Casino Visitors are almost Uniformly fitting to this correct 'flavor'.

    Spoiler: Backgrounds, Merits & Flaws

    Contact: [•] Chicago Police Officer (Vice & Narcotics).
    Terrence Kilpatrick, a police officer that is happy to share internal info from his department, for the right price. It's all kept under wraps of course, and he can only share what will not get him in trouble, when it's possible.

    Fame: [••] Chicago-Wide Fame.
    Well-Known figure in Chicago, known for his Casino, his Business Investments and clear dislike for messy crime happenings.

    Haven: [••] Big Quality Apartment-Sized Floor.
    Located on the 2rd floor of the Casino that he owns (with 1st floor being designed as a Kindred-exclusive Elysium and Ground Floor being the regular Gambling area for the Kine).

    Resources: [•••] Rich.
    Owns a casino with 2nd-floor Haven (1st floor being Kindred-Exclusive Elysium), luxury items, highend equipment for several people, etc.

    Status: [•] Known
    A properly introduced, welcomed neonate, seen as an up-and-comer.


    Loresheet: [•] - Pure Ventrue Heritage.
    Sire of Renown
    Your sire is a Ventrue notable for their nobility and adherence to clan values. To an extent, you can lean on your sire’s name to curry favor with other Kindred mainly of Clan Ventrue. This lore enables you to gain one die in appropriate Social checks where naming your sire could have impact. If the sire still exists, they may come to resent you using them as a line of credit.

    Loresheet: [••] - Pure Ventrue Heritage.
    A Lineage of Title
    You come from a line of Princes, Primogen, or possibly Barons. If you ever attempt to acquire title in a domain, Ventrue — even those you’ve never met — will automatically support your claim, unless they have sufficient reason to oppose you.


    Bonding Flaw: [•] Long Bond.
    Blood Bonds on you lose their Bond strength more slowly than normal, decreasing by one for each three months without being reinforced.

    Feeding Flaw: [•] Pray Exclusion (Law Practice Scene)
    You refuse to hunt within the Scene of Law Practice, including people within Lawyer's Offices, Judge's Office, Mortal Court-Dealings, In A Police Building, etc. If you feed on such prey, you gain Stains as though you had violated a chronicle Tenet. Witnessing other Kindred feeding on the object of your exclusion without interfering might also give Stains, at the Storyteller’s discretion.

    Folkloric Block: [•] Wild Roses.
    When faced with a folkloric block, you must shrink away from it or spend a Willpower point to push through it.

    Spoiler: The Vitae

    Blood Potency: [O] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

    Blood Surge: Add 1 die
    Mend Amount: 1 Point of Superficial Damage
    Power Bonus: None
    Rouse Re-Roll: Level 1
    Feeding Penality: No Effect
    Bane Severity: 1

    Spoiler: Biographical Data

    True Age: 36
    Apparent Age: 29
    Date of Birth: March 19th, 1983
    Date of Death: October 30th, 2012

    Long, Dark Hair at about shoulder-length, with noticable silvery-grey eyes. He stands a good 6 feet tall and of a rather basic bodybuild, neither muscular, fatty or atheltic, being much closer to a worksman's fit form, with mild leanness to his build.

    Distinguishing Features
    Impeccable suits... He always wears a designer special-tailored suit in social soireé situations, but with more street-functional leather coat, undershirt and tinted glasses when outside those more highclass social spheres.
    Always wears a pair of either black or white gloves.
    His Silvery-Grey Eyes are very noticable and catches the eye upon first-interaction with him.
    Speaks Fluently English with a Italian-touched accent. Also speaks his native language of 'Italian', of course.

    Jackson La Rosa was born on the Sicilian island in Italy back in 1983, part of a lesser family owing it loyalties to the Laucos Family. Jackson, or Jackie as he usually go by, was trained and taught how to run a business, how to keep it out of the wider public eye and how to deal with incompetence and disloyalty.
    At the age of 29, during late october, Jackie was shot and nearly bled to dead after taking a bullet for the Family Head (and Godfather), Richard Laucos. Before dying, Ricard gave Jackie the Embrace and turned him into a Kindred on that late night.
    The introduction into Kindred society was quite the shock, but on some level it was just another Family and it's Servants, so it was only the revelation of it was that was the greatest shock.
    For the following 6 years, Jackie ran one of Richard's Casinos in Las Vegas and managed to run it WELL, building up a small personal fortune through money laundering through the gambling elements in the casino itself, as well as just major income from gamblers loosing their money.
    It was also during these first 6 years of his new Unlife that Jackie's Ventrue Feeding Preference and his Feeding Scenes Of Preference was discovered to have a focus on Mortals with a penchant for gambling and the unpalatable taste of people with a Law-related surrounding (the mere thought of drinking from a Lawyer in the office makes Jackie's stomach turn).
    After those 6 years, Jackie moved to Chicago under the offer from his Sire to both become an introduced Neonate to the wider Kindred Society, as well as a chance to open his own casino there in Chicago.
    It's now been a whole year since the casino was opened. The La Rosa Fortuna Casino - The Fortunate Rose Casino for those that translated it. It's been a business success so far and within the last couple of months, Jackie's been muddling the idea of turning the 1st floor into a soundproof'd Elysium Area from Kindred Visitors to enjoy, with his own Haven and living space being on the 3rd floor.

    Spoiler: Notes

    Should be done. Just needs the Chronicle Tenants.
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