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One Bonus Feat: Human Perseverance +1 to saves.
Fortitude Defense: +3 Con +1 race +1 feat = 15
Reflex Defense: +1 Dex = +1 race +1 feat = 13
Will Defense: +2 class + 3 Wis +1 race +1 feat = 17
Saves aren't the same as defenses. That's one of the big differences in terminology that trip people up. When an enemy imposes some nasty effect on you that lasts more than a few seconds, you make a save against it at the end of each round (p279). By default that's an unmodified d20, and anything 10 or higher succeeds -- a 55% chance. With the Human Perseverance feat, you could hit that 10+ by rolling a 9, so your chance to throw off persistent debuffs goes up to 60%. But your Fortitude, Reflex and Will are completely separate.

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At Will: Priestís Shield; Sacred Flame; and Lance of Faith

Encounter: Healing Strike

Daily: Guardian of Faith

Utility: Divine Fortune and Turn Undead
(I think these go here)
Basically, yeah. When people talk about gaining utility powers, they're usually referring to the ones you get from your class* at levels 2, 6, 10, etc. (Chart on p29) And depending on how you arrange things in your head, you might want Turn Undead listed under "Encounter" since it's an attack. Lumping it with Divine Fortune helps clarify that it's one-or-the-other, though.

* Later books give you more options based on your trained skills and sometimes your race, not only from the class utility powers.

Priest's Shield isn't as likely to hit as the other at-wills, of course. But working with just PHB materials, I'd say it's a good choice. Sacred Flame and Lance of Faith are both "ranged", so you'd provoke opportunity attacks for using them.** Page 290 discusses OAs and refers you to p287 regarding how to make the attack. P268 has more info on how opportunity actions work. By taking a melee power, you can do something better than a basic attack when you're surrounded.

Again, later books expand your options. Fairly late in the game's lifespan, Wisdom-based melee cleric attacks were introduced.

** Almost all monsters -- maybe all of them? not sure -- have a "melee basic attack" that's reasonably accurate. Even if you're facing archers and spellweavers, try not to provoke opportunity attacks without good reason. As p290 mentions, they get to take a swing before you can finish the provoking action, possibly negating it completely by KOing you.