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Iím not sure what their spell list looks like so I canít say if Every Spell is a Ritual is broken or not. Unlimited Wishes? Imprisonments?

I can say, without question, no further casting while concentrating is bad design unless their concentration spells universally provide some new kind of action, like Witchbolt or Enervation do ( also note, everyone agrees those spells are terrible, essentially spending a spell slot for a new kind of Cantrip thatís easy for a foe to end).

Good luck whatever you decide!
the thing here is that your not spending Spell slots, allowing for a more liberal casting approach. I have a question though, for everyone:
If I didn't make you remake the spell check every turn while concentrating, you could cast other spells, but that sounds, to me, pretty broken. because your already casting spells without slots, and I'm worried that just concentrating on the effect like normal isn't enough. although the issue is that, conversely, I'm also worried that making you remake the check, and basically guaranteeing that you'll fail it and take damage on one of your turns, is going to make the class unfair and not fun.

I like the +2-5 AC idea that was suggested, but could anything else work better?