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    Below is my first draft Character Sheet. I did my best to do everything right, but please take a look at it and tell me if I need to correct something. I will update this post with my final revisions as well as character background ect as I have time to fill it in

    This post will be used to work on my character sheet and background information. Please note, until I say otherwise, everything on this is a work in progress.

    Spoiler: Character Sheet
    Name: Deck
    Concept: Hardboiled Detective
    Clan: Nosferatu Bane: Repulsive Flaw -2
    Generation: 12-13?
    Predator: Sandman
    Ambition: To become a valuable institution within the Camarilla.
    Desire: Break the beautiful girl (Touchstone 1) up from her abuse boyfriend.

    Health: 5
    Willpower 5
    Humanity 7

    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3
    Stamina: 2

    Charisma: 1
    Manipulation: 3
    Composure: 2

    Intelligence: 2
    Wits: 3
    Resolve: 3

    Brawl 1
    Larceny 2
    Stealth (Break In) 3
    Animal Ken 2
    Insight (Detect Motives) 2
    Streetwise 3
    Awareness 3
    Investigation 4

    Obfuscate 2
    Animalism 1
    Auspex 1

    Advantages: 7 points
    Resources 1 (1 dot from Sandman)
    Contact (Corrupt Cop) 2
    Allies (Tabloid writer) 1
    Haven (Sewer Crypt) 1
    Mask (The burned PI) 2
    Status Camarilla 1
    Wauneka 3

    Repulsive Flaw -2
    Creepy Haven -1
    Prey Exclusion -1 (Children)

    1. I always come out on top
    2. I am loyal to those loyal to me

    1. The beautiful girl: Sure she would have been half his age when he was a mortal, but this girl represents everything Deck wished he was and never will be. She is beautiful, innocent and kind. But she doesn't know how to stand up for herself, so Deck will help her come out on top too.
    2. Officer Jameson: He's gone out of his way to help Deck close a number of cases. Sure he's getting on in years, and is maybe more of a liability in the field these days than he is a help, but that doesn't mean Deck won't try to still help him out.

    Spoiler: Character Fluff

    Appearance: Deck, like most Nosferatu is hideous in appearance to a degree that it is often hard for him to masquerade as human. His eye sockets are cavernous pits that almost always obscure the whites of his eyes. His nose is pushed up and flared, and his mouth is filled with a row of yellow needle like teeth. Beyond this Deck's skin is mottled and ghostly pale, webbed with tortured dark veins that bulge throughout his gaunt frame.

    Deck has taken to wearing over-sized dirty hoodies and jeans when in mortal circles, both keeping as much of his body covered as possible, and posing as a vagrant to discourage people from getting too close or studying him too closely. In the winter he will add a scarf wrapped around his neck and face to better keep concealed.

    In Kainite circles, Deck prefers a fine and well tailored suit, all the better to endear himself to his Camarilla brethren. Often times he will wear dark colors, like charcoal gray or midnight blue, paring these bespoke garments with a wilted boutonniere or a blood stained pocket square.

    Personality: Deck would rather endear himself to others through utility, rather than personality. He can get you the information you need. He can help silence the mortal who accidentally caught you feeding. He is a survivor and he will do whatever is needed to come out on top. Because of this, Deck will always try to find the winners and attach himself to them. Some may call Deck Machiavellian, but he'd tell the losers to remember that we are Kindred, and if you're not doing everything to keep up your immortality, you may as well walk into the sun.

    Background: Deck was a detective in St. Louis, Missouri in the mid-sixties when he was embraced. Already a cunning investigator with a rather hard to swallow personality, Deck was embraced both for his usefulness to his sire, and (in classic Nosferatu fashion) as an ironic punishment for his grating temperament. Deck is also convinced that he must have been closing in on his sire's dark Masquerade before he was embraced, but he was never able to fully prove it.

    Deck's apprenticeship under his sire did not last long, the two becoming more and more unable to tolerate each other, and eventually Deck fled when his "fledgeling" status was advanced to neonate. Deck moved to Louisville Kentucky in the 80's changing his name to Deck after watching the movie Blade Runner. He remained within the city for nearly three decades, only moving to Chicago within the last five years in a bid to "make it" within one of the country's premiere Camarilla cities, getting lucky to arrive before the coming out of the Second Inquisition leading to the Camarilla closing its ranks.
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