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The Prince is Kevin Jackson, an 8th generation Ventrue sired by Lodin, the former Prince of Chicago. Kevin is ~40 years old now. He used to be a member of the Bloods, but in the last decade went way up in society to the point of being the Prince, and has vastly diversified his interests. As far as I know he has no childer.

I'm actually considering remaking my character as a thin-blood alchemist working for the Ballard Industries. Horatio Ballard is another childe of Lodin. He was Mr. Moneybags of the Chicago in the past, but now his star is going down and his empire is threatening to buck out from under him. That'd give me a good tie into Chicago politics.
Hm... that helps a little bit. so why haven't he been called to the Jyhad yet? resisted the call, never got the call? other?
ALso who are the Bloods?

And that means a Childe of Horatio Ballard would be an ideal for my character's Sire?
Oh and my character is gonna be a New-made Chicago Casino Mobster that only recently moved to Chicago and seeks a chance to get his new Casino openly accepted and officially recognized as a viable Elysium. White Collar Crime that doesn't harm anyone besides laundering money through the casino functionaries and such. Very clean, very clearly set up to avoid unwanted attentions.