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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltest View Post
    I'd like to see sources on a lot of these claims please. The alleged correlation between IQ and income in particular seems suspect to me, especially given how little value IQ has as an actual measure of intelligence.
    IQ is primarily a test that schools (and the military) use to identify who may be an individual with a cognitive disability, or who is likely too much trouble for the military to try and train.

    IQ, over all, seems to be a test for problem solving ability and speed. Definitely useful, but not the end-all and be-all. Someone who is a slow methodical thinker who comes up with good ideas could be better to have around than someone with a blazing-quick-troubleshooting-mind, a high IQ, and no good ideas. IQ is a form of intelligence, I guess. It is not intelligence. It just is the en vogue type of intelligence at the moment.

    For example vocabulary was once a test for intelligence pre ~1960. Now scoring really well on a vocabulary test could be a form of intelligence, but it is not as widely used, and fell out of favor.
    "The results demonstrate that intelligence is a powerful predictor of success but, on the whole, not an overwhelmingly better predictor than parental SES or grades."

    I mean give me an iron willpower over IQ (or both if I can have both). Mastering something takes 10,000 hours. I would rather be a master at something profitable and/or useful, then have a high IQ without the willpower to master something useful and/or profitable.

    IQ will probably be a factor in success overall, but there are other factors. I mean it is often useful to troubleshoot a problem, and to do so with speed. However these skills are not all one needs to succeed.

    Also we all know tests can suck and sometimes idiots write idiot questions. Some folks are not good at taking tests. Some days are off. People get brain-foggy sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chen View Post
    Do you not have economics class in high school?? Thats crazy...
    We used to have "Home Economics" as a required class for girls, and then the boys would take "Woodshop".

    Home economics would be about budgeting money, buying groceries, cooking, sewing and stuff that is really kind-of sexist. So economics was tossed in with running a home as a housewife, I don't know likely because women were expected to do all the shopping.

    I never had a single class that covered this. But we did cover it in various other classes as a lesson here or there.
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