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    The game already has several ways around spell slot limitations, from Simulacrums to True Polymorphs, to Pearls of Power, to DMs that only have single encounters each day. Action and concentration economy are the real limiters.

    If they donít have to concentrate then maybe do a thing where the rune burns in the air and creatures can attack it to end the effect.

    My concern would be casting a spell and then essentially being stuck as a 1st level character plinking with a crossbow for the duration.

    Iím running into a similar issue with the Calligrapher (I think you and I are going to be sharing some design space), lasting effects donít require concentration. My fix is effects only ever last a minute and over lapping areas of effect overwrite. So you can chain them, or litter a huge area in a short period of time, but a target never makes more than 1 save vs ongoing AoEs. And doing sonisnt smart because each time you try to make an AoE youíre making it harder to do again.
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