@MrSandman: I get you, but as roryb says it'd be great to have you if you get the time and inclination later on.

@roryb: Good to know. Do you think we could have some kind of party/clan/faction Aspects to build a backstory around? I'd imagine something like below to add a framework to where we are and where we came from in the world.

What Was Your Lost Domain Like? Describing where our Clan once had their lands, how they treated their subjects (if any) and how they lived there.

Why Did You Come North? Describing the war, encroachment, intrigue or whatever drove us to the Spire.

What Legends do Mortals Tell of Your Clan? We each add a piece of the folklore and history about us that informs how different groups interact with us. We could split this into Elf, Human, Dwarf, Orc, etc maybe?

Just an idea of course, but I find the vast lifespans of Dragons making them living ancient history to be one of the more fascinating things about the setting so I'm all on board emphasizing it.