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Do you think we could have some kind of party/clan/faction Aspects to build a backstory around? I'd imagine something like below to add a framework to where we are and where we came from in the world.

What Was Your Lost Domain Like? Describing where our Clan once had their lands, how they treated their subjects (if any) and how they lived there.

Why Did You Come North? Describing the war, encroachment, intrigue or whatever drove us to the Spire.

What Legends do Mortals Tell of Your Clan? We each add a piece of the folklore and history about us that informs how different groups interact with us. We could split this into Elf, Human, Dwarf, Orc, etc maybe?
Great ideas! I think it would be interesting to define background by clutch (through birth) and clan (chosen/arranged/deigned). The latter is necessary for the survival of the species, adapting to civilizationís social structures for unified strength. Perhaps dragon insanity is a threat where some matrons destroy their eggs out of despair to save versus the threat of men. Therefore the clutch relationship is a rarity, or perhaps even secret (dragonsí sense of territory may cause those of a single line to band together with siblings to seek out and destroy rivals). Just talking out loud.

But each player handling one or more of these questions will be a great way to flesh out the world. Iíll add them to the wiki.

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Just an idea of course, but I find the vast lifespans of Dragons making them living ancient history to be one of the more fascinating things about the setting so I'm all on board emphasizing it.
Agreed. A look at their lives as non-humans in terms of a strictly oral tradition of lore, a lack of ability to craft marvels or write like men...this can be very interesting or even challenging play style. Dragon lord may be entirely kept in poetic verse to help their ancient memories. It can actually turn into one of the biggest threats to face dragonkind ó the lack of innovation may be the thing that may kill them off in the end.

A thought occurred...what do you think about a strict track or countdown to hibernation? Would that be interesting to put a clock on what you can accomplish before the next advancement of man? Like 6 or 8 scenes? Then, at the end of a session, players can conjecture as to what happens in the world given the dragonsí accomplishments overall. Might be interesting.