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    Power of X 2 is out, I have thoughts but they will be shared later once they been ruminate more.

    Spoiler: Short thoughts
    I expect Moira to cure herself with her last lifetime and becoming a lowly human.
    I expect this to happen due to Frank Herbert Dune Themes with his six books and the Golden Path.
    Moira is limiting both human and mutant potential with her superpower, she is a gardener who is shaping the destiny of all the various groups. She is the cancer doctor who is cutting out the malignant cancer but also the positive mutations.

    We are going to thus have system viewpoint themes where we need to think from a system perspective, while we are also going to need to think from an individual / liberty / discrete individual perspective that is orthogonal with the system perspective. This is going to be influenced by the intelligence vs souls distinction for the higher hive minds you go with the intelligence scale you lose your souls and we are going to have a theme to point out that souls, individual perspectives, etc is important.

    So more thoughts later, but this is my start of my thoughts of 1/3rd of House of X + Power of X with 4 comics out of the 12.

    Until then, retcons everywhere!
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