In most professional settings, I don't expect new people to really preform to the correct level for a full year. My biggest rule of thumb for new people is " Do they ever ask the same question more than once?" If they are not asking more than once, then they will get where they need to be eventually.

On an unrelated note, my attempts at dating have gone poorly. It's either hit a dating site with the general public and go through tons of women who are uninteresting to find someone who shares interest with me, or hit up the geek dating sites and hope the few women who are on them will notice me through the literal tidal wave of other men. Worse, considering that rule zero of online dating is don't be a creeper; its super frustrating when most of the other guys on the sites can't even clear that bar, and I'm still not getting any contact back.

No advise needed, just needed to rant. On the plus side, there is a dating event at an upcoming convention I'm planning to attend. So that will be nice.