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It's been officially released, yes. I got it from my Kickstarter pledge.
Well, I'm again late to the party. Will swoop by the store to buy a pdf - I liked the graphical side of the page, but even for me the rules were sometimes too much to follow.

And if I am correct, they ADDED some attributes... did they? Original RoS had 10 attributes - 5 physical, 5 mental. Plus 5 derived. Plus spiritual attributes (replaced by Arcs in SoS).

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The system was pretty much intended not work, as the author seemed to have some very firm ideas on magic being in any way balanced with anything. And the system itself was rife for abuse in its own right, like many spontaneous ones are. I'm not familiar with BoIT's magic, but I guess it pretty much has to be better.
Well, I have the same idea - magic should not be balanced with martials on the level of "what can it do?". I mean, a "legendary warrior" should be able to defeat 2-3 opponents at the same time, should be able to defeat superior force using tactics, wit and crush enemies, see them driven before you... you know. On the other hand "legendary wizard" should be able to destroy castles, summon things better unnamed and cast curses so powerful they make princesses sleep for 100 years even when countered by other powerful wizards.

The idea however is, that if two players decide to play in campaign - and one makes the legendary warrior and the other a legendary wizard - they should both have their fun. So the legendary warrior takes his army and with help of his powerful friend wizard destroys enemy's castle, razes cities and then builds a kingdom with him as the king and wizard as the "power behind the throne". Or the other way around.

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Anyone wanna do a Fate oneshot sometime Sunday, CST afternoonish?
Were you able to get some people?

If not, I would try putting an official request to recruiting thread - here most people miss it, but when I once tried recruiting for Fate there, I immediately got few people interested. And man, if you decide to go PbP, I'm definitely in