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    But the question I had was...
    How does an actual plutocracy work? (what are the titles and honorifics and so on of people who hold their position due to wealth, and not some royal lineage? Are there any true historical examples or are all of them only de-facto plutocracies with other forms of nominal, heavily corrupt governance?)
    Plutocracies tend to cloak themselves in the clothing of other political systems rather than being out in the open. Checking Wikipedia will give you some excellent examples of historical plutocracies and the ways they worked. In general they are composed of powerful economic interests in the form of guilds/corporations that exert economic control over large portions of the economy and this gives them the power and wealth to substantially influence politics and social dynamics.
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    EDIT: Additionally, I would appreciate any advice on convincingly portraying an organized crime syndicate in a fantasy world. This is 5th edition, so there's a bit less concern about magic immediately allowing anyone to determine on a whim whether or not a given individual is a ne'er-do-well.
    Again, Wikipedia is your friend here. But a good way to think of organized crime syndicates is as a shadow feudal system. The guys at the bottom are granted territories and they pay tribute to the people above them who have larger territories and so on. They recruit people to work for them who fall into the broad categories of peasants (people who are largely unable to avoid working them), soldiers (the people who solidly work for them but aren't 'family'), and 'family' (the people who are the most privileged members of the group).
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