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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynjin View Post
    Well, Goblin Slayer is an NPC, not a PC.

    Apparently the "joke" is that he's a weird NPC the GM added on a lark but the PCs (the elf/dwarf/lizard combo) found him fascinating and keep trying to get him to come along on stuff.

    I find this amusing, but I guess I can see how it would be jarring with only surface level knowledge of the series; it's about 40% grimdark and 60% oddly charming and cute character interactions.
    He's the main character. He's got an actual past we get to hear about. This is his story. He is a PC.

    Please do not insult me with this "only surface level knowledge of the series" comment. I've read a lot of it! I kinda like the other PCs, I wish they didn't exist in this series. It'd be like if Slayer's had a random edgelord setting instead of being comedic overall in tone, even when it is serious.
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