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Canonically they're not.

They are conically the same Jean--adult Jean eventually inherited Teen Jean's memories after Teen Jean when back in time and buried her own memories and those of the other O-5 to maintain the timeline.

Though as far as I know, the worst thing Teen Jean did was out Iceman after reading his mind and finding out he was gay. Adult Iceman eventually called out Adult Jean on how much of a **** move that was after their teen selves went back in time to become their adult selves.
I know the canon, but they act so differently from the characters they're supposed to represent that I have a hard time accepting that they're the same people. It's not just that they're younger either. They're completely different people in most cases.

The biggest problem with teen Jean was her refusal to stay out of other people's minds even when they asked her to. In reality she'd be ostracized almost immediately for that behavior.