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    Default Re: Let's Play the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Trilogy (With mods)


    Are you playing the EE-updated Ranger/Cleric that no longer gains access to the full Druidic spellbook? Check your baldur.ini and re-enable it (go 'Game Options', 'Cleric Ranger Spells', set '1' - to zero.) if your plan is to have a character that has the full Druid and Cleric spellbook. If you don't want to do this, I'd recommend rolling a Dwarven Fighter/Cleric for saving throws, as there is not a whole lot of benefit from just low-level Druid spells. Also, unless your Thief/Mage happens to be a Gnome, you lack the designated shorty character.
    Or perhaps a Berserker (9)->Druid, considering that you don't seem to have the SCS component that nerfs the Insect Plague line of spells (by making them counterable with Fireshield), and the Druid support spell line-up is really quite impressive in SCS/Ascension overall, between Nature's Beauty K.O.ing Enraged Fire Giants.

    Are you going to multi- or dual the Fighter/Mage? Well, scratch that - with True Grandmastery available to multi-classes and removed XP cap the choice is rather skewed.
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