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    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    Jean didn't mind control Kitty's parents.

    Phoenix did.

    That wasn't the original intent behind Phoenix, but it's been the canon for decades.
    And Young Jean and Ghost Jean Mindraped Emma Frost, while Frost slept, in search for a Phoenix Fragment. The same thing that Jean hated that Emma and Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde) did to her in the past. There are numerous examples and I am not going to waste time to create a list for that is a form of wankery. Either you understand that Jean does shady things from time to time or you do not, and assembling a list is a waste of time and ego. It is a waste of ego for some people will not want to see it even if the evidence is presented in front of them. "I see nothing" as Westworld would say.


    And yes Phoenix was retcon that those actions were not Jean Grey but Phoenix for we can't sell comics if Phoenix is a genocidal murder who killed billions when she eat stars. It was a top down decision that came out of the comics and wrote it. I know that is what technically happened but I am dispensing of the pretense. You are smart enought to realize two contradictory things, that was Jean, except technically it was not Jean, it was just a Thanos clone, or Doombot, or Phoenix avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Aotrs Commander View Post
    I always felt Emma was a more interesting love interest than Jean for Cyke (and Cyke himself was only really an interesting character beyond "the leader one" the period starting under Whedon's pen until they randomly decided He Was Evil Now). Jean never felt in anything I read or watched (note: that is hardly an exhaustive list though) as being much more than an extension of said "the leader one" double character and/or something for Wolverine to be miserable over. I mean, for frack's sake, for years she didn't even have a code-name!
    Jean is very much an interesting character!

    But she is not an interesting character when she is with Cyclops and their arms are interlocked, or lusting after Wolverine, and so on. Let Jean Grey stories be Jean Grey stories and her as her own woman. Aka stop putting Jean Grey in some form of relationship triangle, whether romantic or somehow being the mediator of two other people. Let her be her own thing.
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