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Their relationship started when Scott came to Emma in her capacity as a therapist to deal with some issues that were affecting his ability to be intimate with Jean.

Emma responded by invading his mind while he slept to have dream sex with him without his consent and later used her position as his therapist to talk him into having sex with her under the guise of therapy.

In real life, a Therapist who did that would lose their license to practice psychiatry due to the unethical predatory behavior displayed.

In half of the united states, she'd have been prosecuted for rape.

Apparently, Scott and Emma had some nice moments together, but the fact that the relationship started out as stat-rape sours me on it.
I know. I was rather disturbed by it myself at first (that whole run was a bit pants, frankly, and it permenantly soured me on Quentin Quire). But the actual relationship dynmics - especially during the Whedon-and-on era, was actually, y'know, not unendurably dull.

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Jean is very much an interesting character!

But she is not an interesting character when she is with Cyclops and their arms are interlocked, or lusting after Wolverine, and so on. Let Jean Grey stories be Jean Grey stories and her as her own woman. Aka stop putting Jean Grey in some form of relationship triangle, whether romantic or somehow being the mediator of two other people. Let her be her own thing.
And that, I think, is precisely the problem. I have never SEEN Jean in anything in her own right, really (hell, she was sort of the Designated Girl One from inception and that's not always easy to shake). she's almost always seemingly a foil to One Of The Blokes, be it Cyke, Wolvey or Prof X himself. Emma meanwhile, at least, came across as her own established character (with all her flaws - many, many flaws!) first.


The Wolverine and the X-Men animated Jean was okay, but that was mostly because she was Voiced By Jennifer Hale and she can make even Wanda be tolerable.

As if we're gonna talk about people - even on topic, being X-Men! - who have Done Dodgy And Unforgivable Crap over the years? Reality-Warping-Temper-Tantrum-Girl springs rather more to mind...


Okay, fair cop; I'll admit, X-Men '92's run where they went "no more vampires" and basically lampooned that whole mess on an actually deserving target made me laugh so damn hard, it dowsed much of my ire and made House of M less intolerable of existing purely because it set that moment up.