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Beast uses a time machine to go back in time and get the original X-Men--himself, Cyclopse, Marvel Girl, Ice Mean, and Angel, from early in their carreer. Like, single digits of the original Lee-Kirby run early...

Something something the teenage versions of the original X-Men get stranded in the future.

Unlike normal time travel, this doesn't cause a fork in the imeline--eventually, they're going to have to go back in time in order to preserve the timeline...

So by "go back in time to become their adult selves," I mean, "go back in time so that they can literally grow up and become the adult selves that they met on their extended trip to the future."
Thank you for explaining that.

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Imagine a string on a table and the string is taunt and thus a straight line.

Now imagine you can create a loop of that string by having being a little looser.

And in 2019 at the end of the 2017 and 2018 Iceman run there is a Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End #1 which is a 1 shot where Older Iceman fights Icewizard future him from Battle of the Atom shows up.
I omitted the paragraph here that talked about the story out of context, but I'm not sure these paragraphs do anything to explain how teen x-men went back in time and became adult x-men.

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X books in general seem to struggle with the whole "genocidal maniacs aren't good guys" concept. They're far too willing to forgive mass murderers just because they share genetics. At some point they stopped being a team of heroes and turned into a team of fantasy racists.
I generally agree that comic books generally, and its heroes specifically, love to forget what villains have done and just let them switch sides without recognizing the magnitude of what they are doing. In fact...this is comics, just about everything in them registers as weighty on exponential orders of magnitude greater than the authors are capable of realizing.

However, I thought the point of House of X a reboot so the villain have not actually done those things this time...