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    Quote Originally Posted by Aotrs Commander View Post
    Quentin Quire
    I'm gonna admit, even after he grew out of his "borderline school shooter written by someone who only knows the stereotypes" phase, even after he sacrificed his piece of the Phoenix to cure Jubilee, I never much cared for him beyond his West Coast Avengers appearance.

    And even then as more of a set-piece for Gwenpool's character arc than as a character. Hell, the first time they kissed my exact thoughts at the time were "Gwen, no, you deserve better than him!"

    He's gonna be in X-force when House and Powers are over and Hickmans' run officially starts. If he's still with Gwen during that I can probably tolerate him as a supporting piece for a character I like but if Hickman just ignored Gwen's existence then eh.
    However, I thought the point of House of X a reboot so the villain have not actually done those things this time...
    Soft reboot.

    Everything still happened, but there's been a time skip to change the Status quo and a couple of retcons have been made to support the story.

    The X-Men's entire history still happened, but Hickman is only mining it for stories, not defining the X-Men by it.

    In general, you can't reboot part of a Shared universe. Change the X-Men's continuity to a major degree and you screw up the continuity of everything that hasn't been rebooted.

    It's the same reason why they're never gonna undo OMD with Spider-Man: It sucks, but there's too much that's happened since that wouldn't have happened without it and removing that stuff would screw everyone else over.
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