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One way to run a plutocracy that was openly so would be with a ruling council that has trappings of a republic, but wherein you literally just buy your seats. There are some number of seats. Pick any number that seems useful to you, or is a cool "significant" number (7, 13, 108). More seats means a larger overt aristocracy; fewer means definite rulers rather than a ruling class.
A proper plutocracy has to have another means of operating though. It has to have the trappings of something else, since a plutocracy describes how a government is selected rather by the means by which it operates. A plutocratic republic is describes the selection of a government and how it nominally is supposed to function.

If its just straight up wealth buys power then that's anarcho-capitalism. Anything else is at least a plutocratic something. You could have a plutocratic absolute monarchy where the man with the most money is king. I think the best model though is the one you propose, a plutocratic republic. For real fun only citizen can buy a seat, and it costs lots and lots of money to be a citizen. Even if those born in the city to a citizen have to have their citizenship paid for. This means only the truest and most insanely wealth can pass anything of real value to their children.