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Sounds like you are mad. It is amusing.
Thank you for reminding me why I had your posts ignored by default. I'd forgotten and was considering removing you from that list.

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Edit: As For Magneto, the one and only time Magneto actually attempted Genocide it was quickly revealed to be an imposter. At the absolute worst he's willing to kill humans to prevent mutant genocide if he has to. He hasn't consistently been a villain since the 80s.

And when did the X-Men torture innocent scientists to death? Not in this arc.

Mystique's incarnation fo the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants burned Moira to death in an alternate timeline, but that Mystique wasn't an x-person and that didn't happen in this timeline.
That's complete nonsense. Off the top of my head I know that Magneto has tried to fire every nuke on Earth, created a volcano in the middle of a city destroying it, destroyed New York (main comic books, not ultimatum), has turned off all electronic devices on Earth (how many people do you think that killed?) and tried to take over the world a dozen times. Are we supposed to believe that every single one of his hundreds of thousands of murders are conveniently in another timeline? That's ludicrous. The fact that he turns into the Nazis who created him is literally the whole point of his character arc. It's repeated over and over no matter how many times they reboot him.

As for Mystique, considering that she was literally complicit in murdering several guards one issue ago no, I don't buy that this is a different version with her hands clean. Since ya'know...it's explicitly a plot point that she isn't.