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Thread: Legacy of Fire SoP/PoW/SoM II OOC

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    Rowan Spherewielder Level 9 Updates.
    CL 8>9
    Fort 2>3
    Ref 2>3
    Deflection to AC 1>2
    Resistance to saves 2>3
    Knowledge Arcana 8>9
    Spellcraft 8>9
    Acrobatics 8>9
    Perception 4>8
    Spell Pool 21>23
    +2 Magical Talents (Nature Fire Package) (Life Ranged Healing)
    58HP +(1d6+3)[8]
    Feat: Primal Blast

    Also, I recalculated how many Magic talents I should have and came up with 23 (14 for level 9 on incanter as per table +2 to include the 2 bonus talents at first level, +5 from the extra magic talent feats I have taken, +1 from Tiefling destructive heritage, +1 from Admixture savant) and then counted how many I had and found I was two short. One was because I had somehow taken group teleport twice (once from retraining teleport beacon and another at last level) and the other I just never picked somehow for some reason. Anyway It should be fixed now since I added Greater Restore to make up the lost one.
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