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    4e wizards always had spellbooks, so kindly take your condescension elsewhere. Though yeah, if you're looking for a D&D edition that makes martial characters progressively more terrible as they gain levels while the more magical types get an ever-expanding tool of broken tricks, Essentials was the release that introduced that concept to 4e.

    Anyway, the primary purpose of Essentials was, depending on how cynical you are, either a simpler introductory product for new players who got lost in the complexity of AEDU powers, a desperate attempt to backpedal on every good change 4e made in order to appeal to a bunch of people who had already sworn ten thousand years of unwavering hatred upon it, or a nefarious scheme cooked up by Mike Mearls to prematurely kill the edition that he personally didn't like so he could get the green light to make a new one. (I suspect it's a combination of the first two, but the conspiracy theory is much more fun.)
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