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...the Denizen...Turning to face you, he speaks, a red silk bag in his hand. "...Take the contents of this pouch as your reward. You may find its contents of great value once you reach Kakishon. ...Yet know this-what you seek in Kakishon is what you need, yet what you need is not what you seek."
(3) potions of armor of faith
(1) tan bag of tricks (worth 8K resale) in Katapesh)
(6) masterwork throwing axes,
miscellaneous keys
(1) mithril breastplate
(1) adamantine battleaxe

(1) Several small rubies with a combine value of 5,000 gp.
(1) Large ruby that turns out to function as a stone of good luck. Resale value ~10K
(1) Final ruby that appears to be a twisted tuning fork made of a single ruby. And while it faintly detects as belonging to the Fate sphere, its other functions remain unknown.

Khwaja Malak is not claiming, but merely posting that he is interested in the following:
1) As a man who constantly accesses the Fate sphere, he wants the stone of good luck for study and possibly to give him insights on opening up new Fate powers. Then, if it is needed to be surrendered in Kakishon, he will be happy to do that.
* However, he does understand that the resale value on that will help everyone in the party. That said, the Mysterious Captain mentioned contents of the pouch might be useful later - in Kakishon, so while tempting, we shouldn't sell it.

2) My cohort uses a mithral breastplate, but it will greatly increase her mobility if I can gift it to her, and then since that was a gift, we can resell her masterwork agile breastplate for a little extra coin. Otherwise, Khwaja Malak himself is interested in it, but he would rather it go to Shahrazad.

He strongly recommends Goma take the adamantine battleaxe. If not for normal battle usage, there may be a time when a Rowanblast-resistant barrier in an antimagic area needs to come down, and that is when a nonmagical adamantine battleaxe in Goma's hands would come in useful.