I'm an amateur musician who is taking a bit of a short-term break from music for health-related reasons, but as I am a huge fan of the OOTS, I wanted to take a stab at what sort of character themes would work for the OOTS.

Depending on how things go, I might end up producing these. Overall music style, I'm thinking old RPGs - maybe FF6 or FF7 styled.
Here are some quick dumps for individual character themes and leitmotifs.

Given how much the main characters develop between stories, it might be fitting to right a new theme for each main character for each book.

Roy -

I was thinking something with a plodding synth bass - slow, but not overly serious or epic.
Not sure about what to use for his lead instrument for his "character" theme, but for more epic scenes I'm definitely thinking of bringing in some epic orchestral strings.
Honestly, I have the least ideas about what to do with him musically.

Haley -
I want Hayley's themes to feature a violin prominently. The instrument is suited well to slow, sad pieces, as well as faster tunes with more swing - the sort of stuff you might here at a carnival.
Hayley's main theme, for more lighthearted moments, would be in 3/4, with a strong rhythmic focus rather than anything to melodically complex. This would let me right up a simple, repetitive melodic figure, which I can then elaborate on for her more dramatic pieces.

Elan -
Boy, sure would be great if there was an instrument already associated with Elan, huh?
Oh wait...
Lutes are fun! I think Elans motif would definitely be in a major key, and have some sort of bounce to it.
I might have it be similar to Halleys in that its in 3/4, but I want it to be cleary distinct - no dark elements at all.
Nale's theme would probably be a dark reprise, with the lute replaced with maybe a Cello or even E-Guitar, if we want to bend genres a bit.
Tarquin would take Elan's motif, and twist it into a march, with an additional motif over the top - (This motif would be associated with the "Empire of Blood")

Durkon -
I think Durkons main theme would be a march. Snare drums, Tuba, simple 2/4 time.
Initially, I would have the lead be a rather heroic trumpet, which plays strong, straightforward lines that are echoed by a larger brass section.
However, I'd then add a b section with a slightly sadder reprise, reflecting Durkon's exile - Although maybe this would only show up during the Book 2 theme, bc I'm not sure if it's referenced any earlier than that.

Belkar -
E-guitar, no question.
The "basic" character themes are meant to reflect the characters outside of combat, so no thrashy death metal. quite yet (although that definitely shows up during battle themes), so I think this would be more bass-focused, with apprehensive percussion and an evil, but not serious-sounding lead.

Piano, with a complicated classical melody.
I'd structure it after a fugue, due to how important patterns and structures are in that sort of thing (plus, I like writing Fugues)

So! Here's my overly vague storyboard for the themes of the six members of the order of the stick.
What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in actually hearing me make these pieces? Would anyone like to hear my takes on themes for the other characters?