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This is indeed my problem.

Go ahead and put those bad ideas in, since the people here (on the Forum) can then think of other ways to improve them, or make better - different ideas, based on these.
Why thank you. What I would do as far as CR goes is compare it to the closest creatures, and also think about what level of a four member party would find this to be a medium/casual challenge. As in, they will probably win with out to much loss or use of resources, but still have to be a little careful or something could go very wrong. Then you have to keep in mind that most players who are really into the game will usually do a lot better and will be able to take on challenges far beyond their level even if with great cost and difficulty. So if your party is into the game, which I think they are, comparing CR to what they can deal with is even more difficult. It is best to compare it to what a group of NPCs of that level could do rather than players. Phew, got that out of the way, no idea where that monologue came from.

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(1) Maybe on a failed Int Save, a boost to the Devourer's DC for the Int Save (+5 max) for 1 minute? Hopefully not against the same PC...

(2) If this is ok with the player allowing the creature to steal some memories, and then - if it can escape - go tell it's Illithid Boss...

(3) Sure, maybe it stole/duplicated a Hit Die from that PC, and used it for healing itself.
Or maybe it heals itself with the 3d6 Int instead of draining from target?
Ex: roll the 3d6 and instead of reducing the target's Int, the Devourer heals itself.
By steal memories do you mean they lose the memory that the Devourer get's? If so I would think that to having a similar problem to letting the player get controlled. They now have to pretend they don't know something their character has known all along which could be a problem. I don't mind either temporarily taking control away or doing other similar things that much, but I know my crew doesn't either. Also if they aren't losing the memory the Devourer takes, then you don't even have to tell them that it has taken any. Just something for you to consider.

Also for the healing 3d6 HP maybe you could allow any extra HP healed over their max becomes temporary HP, that they can still heal if hurt, but they can become a little stronger then they previously were. Due to how temporary HP works not too much stronger.