I just realized something. Hickman seems to be redoing some of the 90s stuff (especially 90s stuff from 1991 to 2000) where things he does not like he reworks and makes better (in Hickmans opinion) while keeping stuff he likes. I am not going to find the interview but from my memory (and it may be faulty) Hickman said generally he found the weakest x-men stuff to be from the 90s but he adores other aspects from the 90s such as Generation X. Plus in other X-Men interviews Hickman said he thinks the best stories are serialized but also incorporate stories where two people may agree on the final outcome but disagree on how to get there, aka he is a fan of Magneto's anti-villain stuff with Xavier where they both agree the present is intolerable and they agree on the same future but how do you get there.

Well with this thought, I am now going to speculate something that I think will be brought up in Hickman's House of X / Power of X as a reference even if I do not think it will be a plot element. Probably some form of retcon or re-contextualization.

Spoiler: Speculation informed by Power of X2
In House of X and Powers of X we seen a couple things.

Emphasis on Omega Mutants,
Emphasis on Magneto, Xavier, and Moira,
Emphasis on Hiveminds and Individuality.

Thus I foresee a reference to the 1996 Onslaught arc, especially since Onslaught's final plan was to make everyone a Hivemind in order to end the Mutant / Human conflict.
We seen all this talk about Machine / Human Hiveminds in Power of X2, and in Power of X1 we see the 4th Generation of Sinister Mutants almost did a Hivemind but it seem to fail and turned into a tragedy (accidentally or on purpose, for Sinister is not to be trusted.)

I wonder if Hickman will re-contextualize / retcon Onslaught into something better for that arc was a trainwreck even though I think the idea was good but it went cartoon zany in the end.


Remind me Onslaught in his final form was 2 Omega Mutants (Franklin Richards and Magneto) + Nate Grey (Used to be Omega but may not be with House of X1 reclassification scheme) + Xavier (Which we got contradictory information in the past if he was Omega or Alpha but I think it is clear he is now seen as Alpha with House of X1.) Onslaught being an almost hivemind with the goal of evolving and incorporating everything into a Hivemind.