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Thread: The LA-assignment thread VII: LA LA Land

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    Temporal Filcher

    I really like the filcher! It's got a very neat monster-of-the-week feel, especially if the PCs don't know what it does (and ask yourself: what's the last time a PC put skill points in knowledge(dungeoneering)?).

    Sadly, it's also weighed down by eight aberration RHD. Its other chassis features are decent (40 ft. movement, large size, modest boosts to nearly all stats, an impressive claw/claw/claw/claw/bite/horn attack routine), but 8 RHD really hurts.

    The filcher, in an interesting twist on improved grab, can immediately attempt to grapple something if it hits twice with its claws. If it establishes a hold, it and its prey are immediately shifted seven minutes into the future (with a chance of this maneuver dazing the foe for one round). Taking both one ally and one opponent out of action is usually worth it, and having every party member ready to gang up on the lone foe is a nice bonus too. Obviously, the ability is best when one monster makes up about half of an encounter, but it's still useful both in solo fights and against small groups of foes.

    The flavor text implies a filcher can use this ability on itself, but I don't see any obvious applications of this apart from convulted ambushes and surviving temporary environmental hazards.

    Furthermore, the filcher has some innate PLAs. At-will Chameleon is essential for any Large stealth character, albeit somewhat situational. At-will Dimension Door is very nifty, both for personal maneuverability and for partycab purposes. 3/day Mental Barrier has obvious applications. At-will Psionic Levitate, Wall Walker, and Distraction are less useful, but still notable.

    As said before, I like the filcher. I like its rather unique main ability, I like its PLAs, I even like its completely bizarre appearance. However, with the specter of 8 aberration RHD looming over it, -0 is probably best. It might still be worth trying out, though.
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