Stampede City
July 11th, 2019, 6:27pm MDT
Team Quarters

The common area fills with the distinctive scent of Chinese food as the largess is divvied out amongst those present. As far as Chinese takeout goes it's actually quite good; the Quarters are located only handful of blocks away from downtown and the Chinatown quarter, allowing for Chinese food that is actually a bit more authentic than one might encounter elsewhere in the city. The ginger beef, of course, is excellent, these being the direct descendants of the immigrant workers who first created the dish in this very city.

It is, of course, just as the serious business of eating is about to be gotten down to when an insert panel shows the security system alerting Akemi that an authorized user has swiped through the front door. Sure enough, with only those few moments' warning up the stairs comes bounding their benefactor and chief tormentor all in one, Adam Worth. This being his first introduction, he gets a page-height panel for a head to toe look, along with a few lines of pertinent details.


...that last one probably isn't any sort of official title, but itís not out of line. His endless energy and enthusiasm for this project fairly radiates off the page, and while his heart is clearly in the right place, he's in his forties and has no idea of what actually makes teenagers tick. If there's a villain in this issue, it's got to be him.

"Hey, kiddos, what we eatin'?" he inquires jovially as his ever-present assistant Jenny makes a much less dramatic entrance behind him, tablet already at the ready. "Hope you're ready to have your socks blown off, because have we got some exciting things lined up for you." He grabs one of the island-height stools, actually spins it around and straddles it backwards, folding his arms across the back.

"Oh, go ahead, eat, don't let me stop you," he urges the team, flicking a hand dismissively. "We all here and ready to rock?" You'd think this level of enthusiasm would come off as an affectation, but he just seems so...genuine.