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    My impressions of 4e were that all abilities got shoe-horned into the AEDU "powers" framework, and that at every level, everything got pegged at that level, regardless of your class.
    If you look at the class features of any other edition, they all had a lot of very similar wording. In 5e, you'll see a lot of features that you can't use again until you finish a short or long rest, and in 3.5 a lot classes had features that were daily or had a certain number of uses per day. 4th edition codified that language into an easier framework in the AEDU structure. Now the rate at which classes attained features was uniform, but the features (powers) were unique and defining in a way that 3.5's BAB and bonus feats never could be.

    3.5 did not have as much class identity as 4th.
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