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Thread: Building a plutocracy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Killjoy View Post
    It serves as a way of pulling up the ladder behind them and keeping everyone else from getting into the upper tier.
    I was generally figuring the cost of the land would do that already. Because you get issues with dealing non-stamped land holders. Yeoman and the like. And how you don't break their economic systems...
    i generally figured "special" land and enough of it that is acts a limiting resource-the price then skyrockets...

    And if you have to pay when you transfer to your heirs that just seems a new way to fall down the power ladder. And why would those with power give themselves that? Because also the stamp fee or taxes would be $$ not going to the seller if they did have to sell. Thus lowering the value of their assets to the holder without a bonus to the buyers.

    Though in theory having a stamped deed vs that not technically being needed by normal people could act in a similar way to having limited land (where you had to have a villa in Rome, the princes quarter of Beijing, or near Versailles. But at that point is just a fee to enter power system.
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