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[Following Rein]

Melissa follows him. "Y'know, Heracles, Atalanta, Achilles, Jason..." she lists off, keeping here answer brief and (presumably) succinct. "That kind."

Do those people show up in a lot of different universes? Hercules sometimes does, because some worlds have him as a god alongside Zeus and Apollo. Jason's a pretty common name. Achilles...has a tendon named after him? Atalanta...has anybody even heard of her? It's still likely he wouldn't know what kind of hero she's talking about.

She would elaborate, but she already feels like she has been talking too much, so she is instead content on just following in silence.
[Following Rein -> Sophie's Office]

"Ah. The legendary hero type. You dream of your tales and exploits being passed down through the ages." Reinholdt frowns a little, but it's a bit hidden since he's leading the way for Melissa. He doesn't think he could be much help for a Legendary Hero. "I hope you're prepared for a lot of training montages."

Upon reaching where Sophie works, Rein knocks loudly on the door.