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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbin View Post
    Sure enough! And MM will have another flanking buddy ... flanks for every one!
    Such flanks much stabba. I will edit in my character info later but for now I shall call the colour purple for speech.

    Vikka the Kokiri Swordsage
    Vital Statistics: CG Female Kokiri
    Build: Swordsage 3
    Role: Finesse DPS and Scout

    Spoiler: Description

    "Zolaaaaa! How am I supposed to be all sneaky sneak like the Sheikah when you're all sparkle, tingle "Hey LISTEN!'-Vikka to her fairy companion Zola

    Vikka is a relatively tall kokiri maiden, much to her brother's chagrin, with flowing copper hair and a semi permanent grin that only highlights the mischievous gleam in her deep emerald eyes. Though you wouldn't be able to tell her height from just looking as she has began developing an unconscious stoop from her constant skulking. Her garb is fairly typical of the region, though she has modified it somewhat for greater mobility, or what she thinks is such. Her hair style is in pig tails since it is relatively easy to style, keeps her hair out of her face, and most importantly looks WAY cool when she sprints all quickity quick through the village. Physically she is quite well muscled, which can be contributed for her constant need to be moving or doing something active.

    Spoiler: Personality
    The most simple and effective way to describe Vikka is 'Organized Chaos'. To anyone else Vikka's motives and actions are a jumbled mess of logic but in actuality everythingVikka does is well intentioned and carefully thought out. For example, say one of the villagers is feeling incredibly down, Vikka is the type of person to plan and execute a series of actions that will carefully tip toe around angering others just to make the person laugh. Of course she completely lacks the means to explain her thought process to others and generally falls back on a childish vernacular when trying to speak. Overall she has roughly an 80% successrate and the other kokiri tolerate her since in the grand scheme of things she improves the lives of those around her.

    Her peers will say the most annoying aspect of her character is her deep seeded obsession with the Sheikah. They are just utterly baffled that Vikka does everything in her power to learn more about them and emulate it. Most of the time you cannot get her attention but simply mention the Sheikah and she instantly becomes silent and attentive. It weirds people out that she constantly creeps and stalks whoever she wants but to her it comes from an unparalleled focus at tasks she seems important. The sole reason she idolizes the tribe is that one time as a child she listened to a story about how they were the protectors of the royal family and after contemplating the story she realized there was no one to protect her people. So she vowed from that day forward that she would learn all she could to become the protector of her village, without the others knowing because she didn't want to worry them.

    Spoiler: Background
    Vikka, for as long as she could remember she had lived in the village, honestly she couldn't put a label on how long that had been but it didn't bother her much . She quickly realized she wasn't very good at interacting with others so she kept to herself as often as she could though she would always gather with the other for story time. She loved stories more than anything, in particular any references to other people. This was especially so when it came to the Sheikah, they were her favorite, because they helped people from the shadows. The others thought she was weird for it but she didn't mind and soon it became her obsession. When she couldn't learn any more from the village elders she sought after the Great Deku tree, as he was the wisest being in the forest. This of course made Mido quite irrate since he kept saying the forest was dangerous but Vikka ignored bossy Mido as she knew how to handle herself.

    Over time she learned more about the Sheikah from the Great Deku tree and began to emulate their training for herself. She saw the burden the Great Deku Tree carried on its own and thought it wasn't fair. She looked at her peer's capricious lifestyle and grew worried. So she decided to help out with the defense of the village and in order to do that she would regularly venture out into the entrance areas of the Lost Woods. The Great Deku Tree saw her efforts and chided her for going alone, stating that it was dangerous. It insisted that Vikka at least be accompanied by a fairy companion of her own and thus Vikka was introduced to Zola. Zola acted like a scolding nursemaid but the fairy had good intentions and was very knowledgeable about Hyrulian history. She was an excellent source of information about the Sheikah and aided Vikka in her training in the way of the shadow. It didn't take long for them to become friends, though it was certainly an odd relationship.
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