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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    With Luke's aura-vision, do we know for sure that it was blindingly-bright due to Tedd's power instead of that being what a seer's aura looks like?
    I had assumed it was just that looking at a seer looked different.

    However, I feel inclined now to believe your implication. Grace was noticably more powerful to Luke, and thus I can see (by extrapolation) the blindingly-bright light from Tedd being further power.
    On the other hand, Luke didn't seem to know what that light meant. He knew Grace was powerful, but he seemed confused about the blinding-light.
    I thought it was Pandora being a prick/overprotective and using her magic to obscure Tedd's aura while giving a warning to peeping Tom (although the commentary in the page after the flash seems to suggest otherwise).
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